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Monday, 4 June 2007

Organisational Awareness Practice

The final area of practice is organisation awareness which can present certain challenges, some would call this area political aspects of the role, unfortunately the connotations this brings to up are completely misplaced. Politics is a reality of life and occurs the moment two people walk into the same room and of particular importance to the architect because it is politics the limits what can be achieved not the technology.

This area of practice is particularly hard to classify into the three group, because of much of this area is down to the integrity and value of the person.

A. As a minimum:

  1. Understand that one need to get buy-in.
  2. Understand to get a result that formal and informal processes are equally important.
  3. Understand the stakeholders and their driving factors.
  4. Accept that politics is required and that it is way of building consensus and aligning organisational forces.
  5. Have a self starter initiative.
  6. Is a good communicator at all levels.
  7. Capable of building good genuine relationship.
  8. Be an excellent provider of information.

B. In addition to (A) above the person with satisfactory skills would:

  1. Capable of balancing organisational needs and engineering excellence.
  2. Knows who within the organisation needs to buy-in projects and how & when to get their buy-in.
  3. Understands the driving concerns of various team and departments within the organisation.
  4. Able to 'sell' the architect to the various parties and can effectively manage their resistance.
  5. Knows how to influence without resorting to authority or dominance.
  6. Capable of coaching and assisting others.
  7. Insight into the human condition.

C. In addition to (A) & (B) above, the person can be considered a technology leader or innovator:

  1. Can influence the leaders within the business.
  2. Understand the organisations political process.
  3. Understands the power structure in the organisation.
  4. Can identify key players within the organisation.
  5. Respect and accepts the changing power structures within the organisation.

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