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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Software Industry Services

Getting access to a high-end resource without the direct and indirect retention cost is the key benefit of the consulting software architect service. Historically the highest cost of any development team was the embedded architect, on average costing a factor of four times more than a single developer, employing a top-flight architect is a major cost.

Yet a necessary investment not only from a work production point of view, but also from presales and strategic perspective where the present of the architect can mean securing the contract and profitable delivery of the project.

The problem is that architectural assets have different usage patterns and pay back cycles then lower level development resources that have clear cost recovery and longer deployment times against a given project.

An architect is over a number of projects, in varying degrees, performing various works that have variable cost levels, clearly pre-sales work should not have the same cost base, say that of the design of a high transaction-messaging engine. Yet some time those skills can give a degree comfort during final presales presentations. Added to this the varying intensity of architectural involvement at different phases of the project makes for a very lumpy cash flow and earned value during the project.

The consulting service offers a clear and simple solution of Ad hoc access to a top-flight software architect with whom you can structure a relationship that is compatible with the way you do business.

You can leverage the services to achieve:

Technical Solution Pre-Sales - Technical Solution Design - Delivery of client specifications - Development of preliminary and/or detail designs with models - Prototyping - Preparation of detailed developer implementation plans - Developer mentoring during development - Build verification and documentation - Maintenance Planning - Methodology Development - Product Development - New Technology Test Beds - Internal Class Library and Framework Development - Advanced Technical Training - Tools Evaluation - Recruitment fee free developer placement and overflow work - Project Referral

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