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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Commercial Consulting Services

Somewhere between 40 to 60 percent, of all software projects fail to meet their predefined business objectives. Retaining an independent experienced consulting software architect at the initial stages of a project directly reduces the risk of project failure.

Any new project involves financial investment against which there are risk which we seek to offset against the commercial returns, this is where an architect’s skills and experience can pay real dividends, especially when that architect is independent of a particular vendor or technology approach. The result is that the business is firmly in the driver’s seat for a project, which it initiates, rather than the situation where a project becomes vendor or technology driven.

An architect can be engaged on a fixed price or time and material bases to achieve focused quantifiable outcomes, which deliver immediate and long-term value to the enterprise. Under this model, an architect is leveraged to deliver outcomes like, System assessments, System audits, Project Feasibility Studies, Vision Statements, requirements, specifications and detailed design and documentation.

The architect can also take responsibility to seeking out local and international system builders to tender formally or informally for any resulting development or integration work.

At the other end of the service spectrum considerable value can be delivered in the area of project turn around, where either part or whole of a project is under delivering, a consulting architect can be instrumental in turning the situation around or bring it to commercially acceptable outcome.

Short List of Type of Services Performed
System Audits - Conceptual Designs - Projects Vision Statements - Requirements - Specifications - Prototypes - Preliminary Designs - Estimations - Detail - Implementation Designs - Tendering - Project Turnaround - Technology Assessments

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