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Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Ephemeralization or Ephemeralisation if you are in a Commenwealth country, is a term coined for a concept arrived at by Buckminster Fuller 1922 and is best explained by a quote from the man himself:
“the principle of doing ever more with ever less weight, time and energy per each given level of functional performance” Synergetics
In fact an ephemeralisation is what is produced as a result of a synergy, which was the subject of his magnum opus.
Ephemeralisation today is driving force of my practice and it is the one common denominator I attempt to provide to every one of my clients. It is also a strong connecting concept that links to such things as value, smart thinking and planning. It is also observable in technology, which is evolving to allow us to achieve more, quicker and easier.
Buckminster Fuller himself has been an inspiration to architects and designers and certainly has affected the way I perceive software and the way I design solutions.

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